Blog July 11, 2014
New Music Video: Burna Boy's "Don Gorgon"
The soundtrack and video teaser have been out for some time, but Burna Boy’s full music video for "Don Gorgon" has now been released, and it is ready to take the Internet head on. It's not the first time for Burna. The Nigerian-born singer songwriter aka Damini Ogulu has been taking West Africa by storm since 2010. And while modern Naija pop is known for its fusion of dancehall and hip-hop beats with more homegrown rhythms, Burna Boy has shown a particular affinity for this mixture, combining  r&b, hip-hop, dancehall and Afrobeats on the same album, and sometimes even on the same song. "Don Gorgon" is a thrilling example of how well this style can work at its best. The majority of the track is a smart update on the kind of warmly produced beat that defined '90s hip-hop, with Burna himself switching between an elegant flow and Autotuned croon. However, what really makes the track pop is the thrilling homage to dancehall legend Shabba Ranks’ 1992 "Ting-A-Ling" that suddenly emerges 50 seconds into the song. The beat switches, Burna drops into patois, and holds it for just long enough for you to get the joke. It's brilliant, referential fun. In the video itself, Burna Boy fully channels the name of Godfather Productions, driving a beautiful, '40s-style car, and then stunting against a backdrop of burna 2overwhelming beach-house parties and elegant dinners.  At one point, Burna is even posted up in front his grand piano, rocking a gold chain and a Cuban cigar. "Don Gorgon" is just one big party accompanied by the picturesque backdrop of South Africa, and the music is the perfect accompaniment for the kind of high-profile bash it represents. From crowded parties in glass elevators to the hot-air balloons full of women and Champagne, to be an extra in this video would seem like a dream. Check out the deluxe musical party below: