Blog May 18, 2017
Music Videos From Cape Verde
We touched down in Cape Verde last month for the Atlantic Music Expo, a yearly gathering of music professionals which provides an opportunity for local and international artists to showcase their talents. We report on some of the brilliant Cape Verdean artists we met there on this week's show, "We Are All Creole: The Atlantic Sound of Cape Verde," from the traditional batuque sound of Tradison di Terra to the conscious hip-hop of rappers such as Helio Batalha. To give you a  taste of their style and culture, we put together this compilation of colorful music videos by some of the artists featured in the program. Elida Almeida - "Bersu d'Oru" Helio Batalha - "Txora pa Dentu ft. Sté" Kiddye Bonz - Anda Ne Chuva BigZ Patronato - Maria Adé da Costa - Ka Bu Txora Mama Lucibela - "Mi E Dode Na Cabo Verde" Tradison di Terra - "Nós Bandera"

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