Blog September 14, 2012
Change of the Guard, Afropop-Style
Hi people, Saxon Baird here. This is a little note to let you know that today is my last day at Afropop Worldwide. Its a been a long and wild two years but I feel confident that I will be leaving things better than I left them. Afropop Worldwide has a new website, a robust social media presence and in my opinion, is set for another solid 20 years in the business. I feel confident in saying that no one is doing what Afropop is doing to such an extent. I also feel confident that I've left it good shape to continue to bring unique content from the African continent and beyond to audiences across the world. While I will no longer be at Afropop, I still plan on contributing to the website and in any other ways I can. Its been like one big family here and you never really "leave" a family now do you? And remember the old African proverb: "Old bloggers never die, they just post less frequently." ** (**Not really an African proverb) Take me out Cocoa!