Blog June 24, 2011
Cheb I Sabbah Diagonosed with Cancer: Learn How You can Help!
Cheb I Sabbah is an award-winning, global electronic DJ who is currently battling stomach cancer. He is a very dear friend of Afropop Worldwide. Please read how you can help. From Senior Producer Banning Eyre: Cheb I Sabbah has been a unique force pushing the envelope of global music.  I came to know him in 2004 when he was working on his release "La Kahena," based on fantastic recordings he made in the field in Morocco. Of course, by that time, Cheb I had already established himself as something of a legend for his work with Indian music and electronica. But for me it was all new. Cheb I's sense of history and style and personality was remarkable to me, and the commitment he showed in doing highly original field work and using that as the basis of his club mixes was ahead of its time.  Others have followed that road since. One of the true originals of our time, Cheb I Sabbah has given all of us a lot. I hope that many of you will join me in giving something back in a great man's hour of need. Press Release about Sabbah's dire situation: Dear Friends and Fans of Cheb i Sabbah: Recently, our dear friend and musical pioneer Cheb i Sabbah was diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer at San Francisco General Hospital. He was advised that the cancer was spreading to his liver and left lung. Without immediate and proper treatment, the prognosis given is very grim. The phrase “weeks maybe months” was repeated to a devastated group of close friends and family who were there to support him as he received the heartbreaking news. Like many Americans, “Chebiji” — as he is affectionately known — does not have health insurance. Private health insurance is astronomically expensive and public state funded health insurance barely provides the most basic treatment — and it does so only if you qualify. Due to his weak health condition, Chebiji found himself having to cancel live shows, meaning his income stream has come to a complete halt, with mounting medical bills and future medical costs ahead. Upon learning of his condition, a few close friends and artists have come together to rally around Chebiji and assist him with his fight. Devastated by the news and outraged that an artist of Chebiji’s caliber cannot afford to care for himself and receive the proper urgent medical treatment needed, we have set up a fund to help. Please help by donating and spreading the word to your communities. With our financial support, love and healing thoughts let’s help Chebiji receive proper medical care and beat this cancer.  
We would prefer PayPal payments as the donated funds are immediately available, thank you.