Blog March 7, 2013
Chief Boima + Geko Jones Drop Free 'Africa Latina' Mix
It's been out just over a week but we already feel like we've seriously slept on this. And there is no excuse because it basically is a sonic stew of all the musical ingredients that have motivated us to rock this Afropop ship for the past 20 plus years. So what's the recipe? Take DJs Geko Jones and Chief Boima from the darlings-of-our-eyes Dutty Artz crew, then have them drop a free hour-long mix of contemporary African and Latin music. But wait! There's more. See, this isn't just a duo of crate-diggers throwing together some of their favorite tracks with no riddim or reason. See, Boima and Jones are also sort of self-made ethnomusicology hobbyists. As Boima put it, the two have been "following and rearranging the lines that connect Africa and Latin America through our musical explorations." In other words, they pay attention to more than just the music but also keep a discerning eye and ear to the history and culture that surrounds their discoveries. They also have been known to bring artists from all over the world to NYC for live gigs and helped them release music stateside (see Sorie Kondi). Oh and guess what? The boys were kind enough to actually drop a track list to the mix as well. DJs take note! [soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /] 01 Carlos Lamartine - Ene Ando Builée 02 Ali Kiba - Dushelele 03 Mackboogaloo - OK Rumba-Ton 04 Africaneando - El Priki del Vacile 05 Boddhi Satva feat. Zé Pequenio & Heritier - Elengi (Main) 06 Dj Capiro & Francis Boy Feat. Sana - Icotoca 07 Filipe Narciso & Djeff - O Semba (Djeff Mix) 08 Bonga - Somos Irmaos (DJ Znobia Remix) 09 DJ N.K. feat. D.Pink - Lhe Estraga 10 Silyvi & Afrikan Roots feat. Bebucho Q kuia - Akuluwo 11 Cesária Évora - Cinturão Tem Male (Renato Xtrova Reconstruction Main Mix) 12 Don Kikas - Melaco 13 Os Bongos - Kazucuta 14 Plastikman - Spastik (NewLife's NuSamba Mix) 15 Lura - Narina (Beatmax & Daferwa Edit) 16 Di Delas - Meus Amigos 17 DJ Lecture - She No Want Me 18 Larry Achiampong - Palm Wine 19 Wizboy feat. Slim Brown - Infinity 20 M-Kaze - Change (Situation) 21 M-Kaze - I Bin No Know 22 DJ Lecture - Good Loving 23 Olu Maintain - Nawti