Blog April 3, 2014
Chronixx releases "Rastaman Wheel Out" Video
Chronixx is back, releasing a video for "Rastaman Wheel Out," and bringing an old school vibe along with him. More of a mini feature than your typical music video, we are shown the life and times of a young Rastafarian: Owing more than a little to the classic Jamaican film Rockers, we see Chronixx as the young Rasta, taking it easy for the rest of us, until he attracts the attention of two bumbling police officers. In the ensuing chase, we are shown the beauty of rural Jamaica. And don't worry, the hero makes it out okay in the end. Ital is vital, after all. It's a catchy tune, a classic-era ska throwback chock full of horns and backup singers. We are excited to see what else Chronixx has in store for us. The 10-song album Dread & Terrible is out now and available for download. Feel free to check out some of our earlier coverage on Chronixx here.