Blog July 18, 2012
Cohnny Jazz's Vinyl-Only Cumbia Mix
There's a ton of cumbia out there now. It's being compiled, remixed and mashed-up with other styles. To be honest, its overwhelming sifting through the weekly barrage of cumbia-related madness. We love it but we're a little burnt and chances are, you might be too. Which is part of the reason why we found a recent mix by Copenhagen-based DJ and producer Cohnny Jazz so good. First, Cohnny Jazz leaves the tracks alone. Every song is in it's original state. Second, each track was taken from vinyl directly. No mp3s, CDs or other forms of media on this mix. Wax-only. Third, Cohnny Jazz actually made the effort to go to Colombia and seek out records that have not already been compiled and uploaded to a blog near you. Most importantly, though, the music is excellent and well-put together. Soulful, rootsy unadultered cumbia clocking in at just under an hour. We've already played it twice and the mix has only been online for five hours at this point. Soundtrack your summer day and give this excellent mix a spin. Cohnny Jazz - Cohnny Cumbia Vinyl Mixtape by COPIA DOBLE SYSTEMA