Blog December 3, 2013
Come Dreaming with DJ Spoko

We don’t dig DJ Spoko only because he describes his sound as “bacardi house,” but if we’re being honest about it, it doesn't hurt. Spoko’s been making waves around the Afropop office since well before Ghost Town, and of course we couldn’t talk about the contemporary South African musical landscape without paying tribute to the man. So we were pretty pumped yesterday to see him tweet about the release of a new track from his forthcoming mixtape, Music de la Rue.

“IM I Dreaming” is that track, and it’s a propulsive and hypnotic one. It’s got all of the edge and aggression of his previous work, but manages to come off a bit dreamier. “IM I Dreaming” finds DJ Spoko toying with a fuller, warmer sound than previous efforts. The song is a minor-keyed affair, there are distinct, separate sections, and it certainly contains a few elements that are maybe a bit closer to early ‘90s video game soundtracks, a la Sonic the Hedgehog, than one might anticipate- but somehow the end result is a track that really does produce a dream-like vibe. On top of it all, you can’t beat a song that just starts with a lick like the one that dominates this track. No word on when Music de la Rue will drop, but to say that we’re looking forward to it risks whatever the opposite of hyperbole is.