Blog December 22, 2016
Afropop Exclusive Mixes: Dagbani and Ghana Roots Pop
If you couldn't get enough of the music on this week's program, "Ghana: Celebration Sounds", Afropop producer Morgan Greenstreet has two exclusive mixes for you to continue immersing yourself in the neo-traditional sounds of Ghanaian music. Feel free to download, stream and share these mixes.

Dagbani Pop

Northern club bangers, electro-simpa, Dagbani hip-hop and '90s reggae: The Dagbani pop music scene in Tamale, in the north of Ghana, is a world of its own.  

Ghana Roots Pop

Borborbor, akpese and brass-band agbadza from the lush Volta region; adowa from Kumasi, kpanlogo from Accra...This mix skims the surface of Ghana's diverse neo-traditional roots pop.