Blog May 17, 2016
Delasi's "Afemakpor" Gets A Jinku Remix
Last year we talked with the young Ghanaian rapper Delasi about his debut album #Thought Journey, a winding, multigenre adventure that features producers from Ghana, Denmark, Japan, the U.S. and his adopted home of Nairobi, Kenya. One song, “Afemakpor,” stood out as very rare and original: Delasi raps in the Ewe language over a beat (produced by Mike Millz) which mixes borbobor neotraditional music from the Volta region with deep bass, trap hats and snares. Delasi just dropped a remix of "Afemakpor" by Jinku that has us jumping out of our seats. The acclaimed producer from Nairobi completely transforms the feel of Delasi's Ewe song in his self-described "Swahili bass" style: synth-drenched and moody with extended chords, a softly thumping Afro-house bass beat and echoing vocals. While we love the borborbor beat on the original, Jinku successfully sets the vocals in a new light, creating a dance-floor jam with serious sway potential. Put this on, and feel the chill: