Blog October 3, 2018
Dig This Francophonic '80s and '90s Bliss Mix

Afropop alumnus Morgan Greenstreet is a New York-based DJ and musician. After producing Afropop Worldwide broadcasts on Benin and Nigeria, it should be no surprise that he’s well-versed in African and its diaspora’s music, but even so, his latest mix is pretty fresh. Linked by time, language and concept, with tracks by Nyboma/Pepe Kalle, Tabou Combo, Sam Fan Thomas, Top Vice and many more, Zoukous Makossa is, by Morgan’s description, “[a]n all vinyl mix of some of my favorite zouk, makossa, soukous and rara/konpa.

“It's a sound and a feeling that took over the Francophone African diaspora in the '80s and into the '90s,” the description reads. “From Douala, Kinshasa, Port-au-Prince and Pointe-à-Pitre to Paris, Brussels, Miami, New York.”

We’ve been spinning it here in the office and the mood brightens noticeably with it playing.

Morgan will be spinning at Three’s Brewing in Gowanus, Brooklyn on Fri., Oct. 5.

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