Blog March 10, 2010
Discography: Discover and Record: Hugh Tracey
Here are a list of albums heard on Afropop Worldwide's Discover and Record: The Field Recordings of Hugh Tracey: Various artists "The Nguni Sound - South Africa & Swaziland 1955, " (SWP 2003) Various artists "Origins Of Guitar Music" Southern Congo & Northern Zambia: 1950-58 (SWP 2001) Various artists "Historical Recordings Of Hugh Tracey: Southern Moz" (SWP 2002) Various artists "Hugh Tracey Greatest Hits" (SWP 2008) Various artists "Northern And Central Malawi 1950, '57, '58" (SWP 2000) Various artists "Southern Mozambique" (Sharp Wood Productions 2003) Various artists "Royal Court Music From Uganda 1950 & 1952" (SWP 1999) George Sibanda "The Legendary George Sibanda" (Historical recordings from by Hugh Tracey) (SWP 2004) "On The Edge Of The Ituri Forest: Northeastern Belg" (SWP 1999) Various artists "Colonial Dance Bands 1950 & 1952" (SWP 2006) Various artists "Kenyan Songs And Strings, 1950 & 1952" (SWP 2006) Jimmie Rodgers "The Essential Jimmie Rogers" (RCA 1997) , BLK JKS "After Robots" (Secretly Canadian 2009) Various artists "Tswana And Sotho Voices - Botswana, South Africa, " (SWP 2002)

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