Blog March 30, 2017
Edo Highlife Discography and Mixtape
Producer Morgan Greenstreet mixed classics and latest hits from some of the greats of Edo highlife. Here is a list of albums heard on the program "Edo Highlife." Collins Oke and His Odoligie Nobles, Yabomwen Akobeghian, Tokpanugu and Akobe Mega Show Europe Live in Nigeria Osayomore Joseph, Ororo No Dey Fade Sir Victor Uwaifo, Rough Guide to Psychedelic Africa (Rough Guides); Big Sound and Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (Premier Music); Nigeria 70: Lagos Jump--Original Heavyweight Afrobeat, Highlife & Afro-Funk (Strut) Sir Patrick Idahosa, United Brothers Osayomore Joseph, Ulele in Transit Drivers Union Dance Band Uselu Motor Park, Edo Sound Akaba Man, Quota System Dr. Afile, Tamabhen Erurehuemon Jesus Paulina Ogenete, Onenghesele (Time Has Come) Sonny Okosun, Papa's Land (EMI) Monday Ebor, Good God Anco Momodu and His Natural Voice of Afemai Sir Waziri Oshomah and His Traditional Sound Makers (Superfly Records) Alhaji Waziri Oshomah, Zonuze (Winner); Change; Reality Johnbull Obakpolor, Tax Collector and Northern Agenda President; Election Gbege; Message to Mr. President AKA Subsidy Guy Man  Ambassador Joker, Body Dey Hot