Spotlight September 4, 2013
DJ Dolores: Tropical

Helger Aragao de Melo, aka DJ Dolores, steeped in the mangue bit scene of Recife, Brazil, has over 20 years of experience with innovation in music. He brings all that experience to bear with a new mixtape: Tropical. Tropical is powerful and danceable with inspiration from electronic sounds from around the globe, forro, cumbia, and a host of other traditional genres. The diversity of sounds could keep you engaged enough to sit attentively while analyzing the music, but the energy of the tracks will probably have you dancing too fervently to stop and just listen. One notable moment comes around 32 minutes in, when our DJ shows some special skill in slowing the tempo, transitioning from a forro-inspired beat to sounds akin to Southern US, bass-laden hip-hop. From here the track seamlessly winds back up, returning to the original up-tempo bounce. Worth every second! Check out DJ Dolores on soundcloud.

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