Blog April 16, 2015
DJ Nuts' Arthur Verocai Mix
In much the same way that it is scary to think about all of the important books you still haven't read, or all the creatures in the deep ocean yet to be described by science, it can be truly frightening to contemplate all the outstanding Brazilian music you've never heard. The sheer volume of the unknown is overwhelming. You can help alleviate some of this anxiety by digging into this phenomenal mix by DJ Nuts, dedicated to Arthur Verocai. Verocai was a producer, arranger, and composer, and this mix explores the full range of records he worked on in the '60s and '70s. You can find a complete track list on Soul Strut, which is a great resource generally for crate diggers and other vinyl enthusiasts. The music is truly gorgeous--soulful, a little bit funky, and smooth as hell--and the instrumentation is also on point, filled with luscious strings and horns. The mix is diverse too, drawing from Brazil's rich musical heritage, while also nodding to some international influences. There's samba, jazz, funk, soul, and even a few tracks that sound like the soundtrack of a particularly stylish horror movie. Put it on at your next party and feel a little bit better about the finitude of your own existence.