Blog June 13, 2012
Dolli Drops Some Cool Venezuelan Summer-Listening
Coming to you from Venezuela are the chill electronica beats of Dolli. Un amigo de un amigo que no soy yo is the first full-length album from Erly J. Ruiz, the creator of the Dolli project. We are a few minutes late on this one; the album was released on May 23rd, 2012, but we simply could not resist it's sweet summer sound and foot-tapping capabilities. The album, composed of three acts, "is a tribute to friendship and gratitude," says Ruiz.  Strung out among the acts are remixes of Dolli's prior tracks, as well as samples of other local and foreign artists. Experimenting with various beats, synth lines, transitions and drops, Dolli's music is an amalgamation of both ambient and danceable electronic sounds. His tracks often start simply, with a djembe drum, guitar melody, or synth sound.  He then builds off the starting line, adding percussive conga beats, horn lines, bells, and bass-beats, and filling out the sound with flowing ambient string parts.  His music is textured yet simple. Upbeat and modern, Un amigo de un amigo que no soy yo is accessible, down-tempo electronica perfect for summer relaxation.  The celebratory tracks will leave the rhythmically-inclined smiling for days. For a preview of the album, check this out: Check out his soundcloud HERE.