Blog October 14, 2013
Down On One: Sarkodie Drops New Video
Boasting numerous accolades that include everything from Best Ghanian rapper to African Artist of the Year, recording artist, entertainer and brand ambassador Sarkodie continues to show us why he’s quickly climbing to the top of the west african music industry.   Backed by FuseODG, Sarkodie lights up the mic with “Down On One”, from his highly anticipated 3rd album, Sarkology.  Flaunting obvious lyrical skill, he seamlessly switches between English and Twi, as he lays a fast paced, smooth flow.  The beat is catchy, and stays true to its Azonto influence.  The drum kit and synth inspire more than just a little head bobbing, and will have you moving in your seat, if you can stay seated, while watching this video. A few Azonto moves thrown in the mix by back-up dancers (and Sarkodie himself) may even have you in front of your own mirror trying to throw down with as much skill.  Between dance scenes, our A-list rapper fends off hostile and hefty inmates while flattering his apparent love interest over a prison phone.  Nothing will wrest his desire for his lady. Fans of hip-hop, hip-life, smooth rhymes and good beats will enjoy this romance. This latest video continues to demonstrate the talent and versatility that Sarkodie demonstrated on the singles, “Lies”, “Illuminati”, and “Currency.” Although Sarkodie has yet to announce a release date for his new 30 song LP, if the rest of the album is anything like what we’ve already seen, fans have more than enough reason to be excited.  We certainly are.