Videos September 6, 2013
Edu-K "E Proibido Som De Mala"
"E Prohibido Som de Mala", the latest video by tecno brega DJ, Edu K, is as crazy and energetic as the music itself.  Car engines rev to the beat and suddenly we’re off. The combination of live action and cartoon images boarders on the salacious. Yet its playful edge and expansive color palette will keep even squeamish viewers engaged with an ever growing smile and perhaps a few laughs. Featuring a variety of cars as classic as Fred Flintstone’s foot propelled hatchback to modern muscle cars loaded with enough speakers to be their own street party, this video invites all comers to have fun. Of course this is rounded out by women with impressive hatchbacks of their own accompanied by dancing robots and monsters. Lovers of big booties and souped up rides will unite on the dance floor with lovers of even bigger sound. The beat is hyper energetic, and by the time the synth begins its percussive compliment to its festive cadence you may already be out of your seat. The rap only adds to the power of the rhythm driven sound. That force could be overwhelming, but Edu K -accompanied by rising star Jaloo- strike an even balance. The bass, for all its power, never quite overwhelms the synths or the lyrics. As a result, the music's different components all come through loud and clear. With so much to enjoy in this latest brega installment, fans and newbies will be left thinking (as always) what’s this and what’s next!?

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