Blog June 22, 2012
The "Rumbahton" of El Timbre
This June, El Timbe caters to summer parties with his new Rumbahton EP. The lovechild of rumba and moombahton, El Timbe mixes rumba tracks with reggaeton and house beats. He's got a cool, original sound that shouldn't be missed. Los Amaya - Bailadores (El Timbe Remix) by el timbe El Timbe is not the only one fusing genres. Digging into the archives of the past few years, we find cumbiathon, another fusion sub-genre that also shares moombahton as a common ancestor. In continuing to broaden its horizons, the nu-cumbia scene produces more cumbiathon and like sub-genres. Artists mix cumbia with more cumbia, cumbia with electro, and cumbia with other genres, such as rumba. And so are born styles like the featured rumbahton, one of many of the contemporary offsprings of traditional music. Check out this 12-minute mix to get a feel for cumbiathon: And for those of you who have been living under a rock for a few years, let's review the 2009 ancestor of these recent sounds. Moombahton, a mix of Dutch house music and reggaeton, conceived by Dave Nada at a "school-skipping party," provides the genetic code for these new fusion styles. Here's a track to bring you up to speed: RUFFCUT - MOOMBAHTON EDIT by T&ARecords