Blog August 20, 2013
Electro Chaabi... In Oakland, CA?
WE WILL NOT REVEAL ANY FURTHER DETAILS until the right time comes along, but we've been chatting with The Netherlands' Cairo Liberation Front a bit lately. CLF are arguably the world's preeminent Electro Chaabi DJ crew, a position of note for folks operating so far from Egypt. If that took a minute to wrap your brain around, fair enough, but get ready to stretch that brain of yours a little further. They turned us on to another hot Electro Chaabi DJ, DJ Mundi. Of Oakland, California. Yeah. [soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /] A listen or two through his EGYPTIAN ELECTRO SHA3BI mix proved the man's chops, and he comes with the CLF seal of approval. On top of that, he writes about the movement with intelligence and insight. Get at his mix here and sit back for a raucous, brain-bending listen.