Blog August 31, 2018
Ex-Bombino Guitarist Applies What He’s Learned

It’s a little confusing, but bear with us: Avi Salloway is the person who plays inthe band Billy Wylder, and he used to play with the desert blues guitar virtuoso Bombino. 

He’s striking out with his own band now, but Salloway is bringing what he learned at Bombino’s side to the new project. Though named for Salloway's New Englander grandmother, Billy Wylder has got the swaying desert rhythm and pentatonic scales of the Sahara and a Massachusetts area code. To judge from their video and single below, they’ve been doing their homework.

My initial impression is that it’s just so weird to hear English over that.

Their album, Strike the Match, comes out Sept. 7 and they’ve got a tour to go with it. Check it out: 

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