Blog November 8, 2016
Exclusive Mix From Little Dynasty: La Tormenta Tropical en Colombia

While researching our recent program Colombia in NYC, we reached out to Eric Banta, A.K.A. Little Dynasty, who runs the Brooklyn-based record label Names You Can Trust and its accompanying online storefront Independent Grand. Among many other excellent records, NYCT releases choice new music from artists based in Colombia and Colombian groups based in New York, including Combo Chimbita and Bulla en El Barrio, featured on our program. Little Dynasty recently traveled to Colombia on a research and vinyl-digging trip, and created a very special all 45s Afropop Exclusive Mix: La Tormenta Tropical en Colombia for our listening pleasure. 

Here's some context, in Eric's own words:

There are not enough lifetimes to tell the complicated story of the vast musical catalog of Colombian music, let alone the secondary tale of the many amazing international tropical recordings that were pressed exclusively for the Colombian record market throughout the 1970s. But through these brief and dirty digs into the recorded archives, we find a bit of archaeological bliss, and a touch of the exquisite style left behind on the preferred format--both pirate and official alike. So here’s 80 minutes of vintage domestic recordings and international selections and flavors made especially for the Colombian record industry during its prime output. 


Intro: Juvenal Viloria - "El Pistacho" Curro Fuentes - "Compadrito" Los Corraleros de Majagual - "Festival en Guarare" Alfredo Gutierrez y Los Caporales del Magdalena - "Fiesta en Corraleja" La Tipica Playera - "Obrero y Campesino" Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros - "La Buchaca" Jaime Llano Gonzalez - "El Patuleco" Peregoya y su Combo Vacana - "Facunda" Sonora Poderosa - "Cumbia Isleña" Conjunto Hermanos Carbia - "Negro Del Solar" Los Negros de Colombia - "Bomba Tropical" Orlando Contreras - "Bomba Para Gozar" Cortijo y Kako - "Que Le Paso" Noro Morales - "Oye Men" Joseito Maseo y su Conjunto - "La Negra Cacha" Sonoro de Lucho Macedo - "Yo No Bailo Con Juana" Mongo Santamaria - "Baila Dance" Porto Diablo Los Pambele - "Cannabis" Ray Cruz con Joe Quijano - "En Buenaventura" Piper Pimienta - "A Buenaventura" Javier Vasquez y su Orquesta - "El Verdadero Son" Pacho Galan y su Orquesta - "La Negra Sabrosa" Chico Cervantes y su Banda Internacional - "Que Tipo Tan Raro Soy Yo" Orquesta La Playa - "Trombonera" Peregoya y su Combo Vacana - "Caravana"

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