Blog December 18, 2014
Exclusive Mix: Shamon Cassette--Extra Wavy South Africa
Shamon Cassette first landed on our radar with Wave Crusher, the brilliant Afro-futurist electro-rap mixtape he made with Spoek Mathambo. It combined samples of the Pixies with shout-outs to Black Sheep, rapping in Ndebele with heartfelt reflection on PTSD. And the cover showed the intrepid duo surfing on pizzas, while wielding light sabers. Last spring, we premiered Shamon's video for "Stick 'Em" and talked to him about his upcoming trip to South Africa. He's back in Brooklyn now, but his experience in S.A. led to a fruitful collaboration with producer RVWR and this exclusive mix that he put together for Afropop, which starts with a previously unreleased track from the Wave Crusher sessions. Here's Shamon on "A Mix of Things Nonrelated": "This year, a few months back I maxed out my tourist visa in South Africa and really had the blessings to adapt and become closer and in tune with what was going on in the southern region first hand. When I got back to Brooklyn I was asked by Afropop Worldwide to make a playlist of current songs and artists that inspired or caught my attention during the process." Here it goes. TRACK LIST: 1. BORN GREAT (SPOEK x SHAMON CASSETTE) 2. ALLBLACKCLACKKAT (OKMALUMKOOLKAT) 3. LIFE (PUSH PUSH) 4. POP MODELS (BIG FKN GUN) 5. HAND IN DIRT (JUMPING BACK SLASH) 6. ZOMBIE (SPOEK ,EVE RAKOW, SHAMON CASSETTE) 7. WASH YOU SLEEP (BIGSPACE) 8. ONDELA 9. BATAUWENG (DJ SPOKO) 10. WHO YOU KNOW (RVWR) 11. RABUBI (MOONCHILD) 12. SPIN MY WORLD AROUND (THE ARROWS) 13. DISGUISES (CARD ON SPOKES RMX)