Blog December 3, 2014
Fantasma Unveils Supernatural "Eye of the Sun" Video
South Africa seems to be the place these days for music that is at once seriously and hilariously (and all-around imaginatively) mystical. Fantasma fits into this vibe and soars above it on kaleidoscopic dragon wings. That’s not an image that’s actually in their new video for “Eye of the Sun,” but it wouldn’t be a total surprise to see it in the next one. What you will see: a crystal ball, cowboy hats, a snake, DJ Spoko drinking something blue from a hand-blown glass chemistry/witch’s brew flask, sand sifting through guitarist Andre Geldenhuys’ fencing mask, and red clouds in a purple sky. This accompanies music that doesn’t abandon the Afro-futurist hip-hop of Spoek Mathambo and otherworldly house of Spoko, but fuses their unique styles with Geldenhuys' Tame Impala-esque psych-rock riffing, and bass playing from Zulu maskandi master Bhekisenzo Cele. As Spoek instructs: “Grab the popcorn...go full screen and trippppout”: