Blog March 1, 2013
Fela! hits the road!
We’ve championed Fela! from its Off-Broadway launch to a private showcase at our 2009 Afropop Hall of Fame honoring Harry Belafonte and Angelique Kidjo to its critically acclaimed triumph on Broadway. Now, we are excited that it is touring the U.S. this spring, bringing it's powerful music to Philly, Miami, Cleveland, Buffalo, Tucson, Tempe, Los Angeles, Dallas and Seattle. Fela! has succeeded in introducing a general American audience to the story of Africa’s fiercest artist of the 20th century, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, an iconoclast, radical, and musical genius. And in the process, people all over the country have been turned on to the joyous sounds of afrobeat.  You can find tour dates HERE. We encourage you to tell friends in these cities to go! You can also check out our radio special “Fela! on Broadway” featuring interviews with Fela’s kids—Seun and Yeni, lead actor Sahr Ngaujah, Angelique Kidjo, and others.” We also did exclusive interview with Seun Kuti about Fela!. Provocative like father like son: