Blog January 21, 2015
Femi Kuti Features 2Face and Sound Sultan on "Politics Is Na Big Business" Remix
Femi Kuti has never shied away from the tradition of righteous political outrage established by his father, Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti. And while Femi's 2013 return to form No Place For My Dream featured plenty of strong language for the corrupt politicians and rapacious businessmen afflicting his beloved Nigeria, the last year has made the importance of this message more evident than ever before. In response to the nation's upcoming election (the divisive president Goodluck Jonathan is up for vote this year), Femi has released a remix of the track, featuring stars 2Face and Sound Sultan. While their subtly Autotuned additions expand the track's sonic profile, more than anything else, the remix is another chance for the world to take in the message of the original--politicians will tell you anything for your vote, but when it comes to power, they run the world like a big business, with an eye on their own bottom line.