Blog September 30, 2013
FOKN Bois: Mad Fashion "Bee Cheese"

Well, FOKN Bois will be FOKN Bois, won’t they? The infamous Ghanaian duo are at it again with their latest track, “Bee Cheese”. Leave it to these two to not only concoct one of the slinkiest beats to make its way to the Afropop office in quite sometime, but also top it off with a... “sexy”... hook that utilizes both bees and cheese in their never-ending quest for the play of words with the highest shock value. That doesn't give this track it’s due credit though. Yes, the big headline is the outlandish title and hook, but the verses are just as hilarious and witty as we have grown to expect from FOKN Bois. For a duo notorious for provocative stunts like their nude press photos, it’s a lot of fun to see them get meta on themselves, if only to nakedly display their position on their ever erupting scandals. Most importantly, the bois must be praised for a such a beautiful beat (particularly because the music community, ourselves included, expends so much ink on their antics). It’s sparse, groovy, and as delicate as its lyrical content is not.

bee cheese

The release of “Bee Cheese” coincides with the debut of new FOKN Bois shirts, a fact worth mentioning not only because they’re just so clutch, but also because they have taken on something close to fetish-object status among the Afropop staff. Seriously, if anyone in NYC is going to order these shirts, drop us a line at and we’ll all save on shipping by ordering in bulk, because damn, have you seen those things?!?!