Blog June 5, 2013
FREE DOWNLOAD ALERT: "Do The Brega!" by Edu-K

We're a little late on this one, but we are positive that if you want to get the party started, you should probably get the free download of Edu K’s “Do The Brega!” now.

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This record is all about the beat, and we really mean it: the brega's basic rhythm and its infinite variations are undeniably body-movin', and they’re completely ubiquitous on this record. But then, you’re not listening to Edu K for his boleros, right? Put on this record if you’re ready to get your hips shaking well and often.

Also: Put on this record if you want to have your mind thoroughly tickled. The production is both brainy and breakneck. The record arrives with a squealing fanfare of what sounds like an army of vuvuzelas and robots, and it’s little more than 30 seconds until flashy synths start dripping up and down the track. Hooks are strung all across this thing, more often than not chanted in hypnotic, droning choruses. Everything on this record serves a percussive purpose. The bass on “Dança Da Bicha Manca” might sound like a synth tuba, but it hits you right in the gut like the bully’s punch that finally wins him your lunch money. “Putaria” offers a slick alteration to standard brega, but instead of detracting from the vibe, the superimposed 16th note groove  just amps up the jam further. The accordions on “Sanfona Treme Treme” add essential variety and an analog sound to a recording so thoroughly modern and electronic. 

We’re not going to call this E.P. eclectic, nor would we particularly want to. Brega’s too much fun as it is for us to want it to change much, and at 20 minutes long, the EP certainly doesn't overstay its welcome. But if you look to the nooks, crannies, and drops liberally sprinkled throughout, you’ll find a world rich with rhythmic variety, hilarious fills, and mind-bending pairings of melodic flourishes and dubstep sounds. Add this collection to the growing list of releases that prove Brega’s quality, wit, and ultimate danceability.

 Head to Mad Decent for a free download of Edu K's "Do The Brega!".