Features July 6, 2012
Friday Faves: seven-oh-six-oh-twelve edition

Each Friday we present the songs we’ve been grooving to this week. If you like our favorites, be sure to tell us. Or even better, post links to your own weekly favorites!

Banning Eyre, Senior Editor-in-Chief

Artist: Baloji
Song: Le Jour d'Apres/Siku Ya Baadaye

Saxon Baird, Producer of New Media

Artist: Machel Montano
Song: Go Down (Loudspeaker Riddim)

Sam Backer, Production Assistant

Artist: Ondatrópica
Song: Punkero Sonidero

Ondatrópica - Punkero Sonidero by Soundway

Julia Chanin, Intern

Artist: Carlinhos Brown & Dero
Song: Mariacaipirinha

Still groovin' to this Carnival anthem from 2006.

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