Blog June 22, 2012
FRIDAY FAVORITES! 6.22.12 Edition
Tune in Fridays for our new blog series: Friday Favorites! Each Friday we will present the songs we've been grooving to this week. If you like our favorites, be sure to tell us. Or even better, post links to your own weekly favorites! Mike Jones, Chief Audio Engineer: Song Title: Curb Artist: RH+ Saxon Baird, Producer of New Media: Song Title: El Hueso (Poirier's Loudspeaker Riddim Refix) Artist: Boogat Boogat - El Hueso (Poirier's Loudspeaker Riddim Refix) by Boogat by Boogat Montreal’s finest keeping it tropical in a cold place. Hear more on Crate Diggers & Remixers.   Sam Backer, Production Assistant: Song Title: Thief of Heart extended club mix Artist: Cynthia At notable feature of freestyle with the extended club mix. Check out the syncopated flair behind the drum machines.   Julia Chanin, Intern: Song Title: Manuelita (Uproot Andy & Geko Jones RMX) Artist: Geko Jones Manuelita (Uproot Andy & Geko Jones RMX) by gekojones Did you miss the Que Bajo?! party in May with Geko Jones? I did, but I am really feeling his bullerengue dub today and feeling ready to get my dance on tonight.