Blog June 27, 2012
Gypsy Jazzy Monsieur Periné Bring the Django Sound to Colombia
Music is exported and imported, recovered and created. Often tracks and artists sit in the archives of time, just waiting to be rediscovered at the moment when the present catches up with the past. Monsieur Periné, a group from Colombia, have recently pulled out a Django Reinhardt-style album from the stacks. Just as Django swept his listeners off their feet with the racing, bouncing "La Pompe" style of guitar playing that so classically became his own, Monsieur Periné, a cute gypsy jazz group, is floating over the Colombian air waves and putting their on stamp on the style. Playing a host of latin rhythms on the Manouche jazz guitar and the Andean charango, they skip and bound through cumbia, bambuco, porro, son, mambo, samba, Peruvian vals, Mexican norteno, reggae, swing, balkan, rock, pop, and funk. The cheerful lead vocalist sings in Spanish, English, and French, making their music accessible to many. With colorful outfits, cute hairstyles, and unmistakable shades, they are a fun, outdoor concert band that would be found strutting around city parks, whom also sell out shows in jazzy night clubs. A technically well-equipped, practiced pop jazz group, Monsieur Periné have the musical ability to explore a multitude of genres and styles. They play with a sense of musical history that would make it seem like Parisian-style gypsy jazz has been a part of traditional Colombian repertoire for decades. Monsieur Periné parties like it's the 40's in 2012.