Blog May 14, 2015
Help Support ZZK!
Our friends at ZZK Records need your help! As we’re all too familiar with here at Afropop, supporting incredible music doesn’t always bring in the biggest paychecks. For years, ZZK has done just that, with a countless array of projects, bringing the explosive sounds of electro-cumbia and other Latin American flavors to the ears of listeners around the world. Beginning in the mid-’00s, the legendary Zizek Club parties helped popularize electro-cumbia in Buenos Aires and beyond. We just interviewed Axel Krygier, one of the performers at those early parties, who had this to say: “That was very important for me, because I started to make my performance. My shows started to be a performance and not just playing music. I love to see all the people in the public, shouting and dancing. And I felt like, yes, this is what I want.” As a record label, ZZK continues to deliver such extraordinary recent releases as a remix album by traditional Andean singer Luzmila Carpio and the latest EP by the “indisputable galactic emperors of tropical futurism,” Frikstailers. We hope to see the ZZK energy and spirit continue to unfold well into the future. Check out their crowdfunding campaign here!