Blog August 8, 2013
Hipster's Don't Dance drops Carnival Mix
There isn't quite a word to describe the kind of party music that the East London due Hipsters Don't Dance drop on their latest Carnival mixtape. And maybe there shouldn't be. After all, the space they define isn't a genre- it's a dancefloor, held together less by a common musical history then by urban proximity, the result of the transatlantic flows that run through London. Mixing freely between dancehall, the heavier side of soca, and the new Ghanaian/Naija electronics, the carnival mix is less the sound of "global bass" than the international Caribbean. Drawing a wide range of styles and running them through the low-end rhythms of Jamaica, it's a heady vibe and an instant party. Really freaking recommended. [soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]