Blog October 21, 2013
Hot Pink Wax from Colombia's Los Pirañas
Bogota's Los Pirañas are back with their new 7” single, “Salvemos Nuestro Folclor​/​Carnavalito Infernal Y Cosas Chéveres”. The record- with it's pale blue labels and neon pink vinyl- looks just as eccentrically dashing as the band sounds. This one’s a real collectors item for all the South American wax devotees out there! Opener “Salvemos Nuestro Folclor (Save Our Folklore)” waits no time establishing a surreal, alternate dimension for this record to exist in, with it’s chopped up twanging introduction and engine of hyperbolic cowbell and kick drum. The track ultimately comes to a blurry and fretful crash of an accelerando, only to launch right back into the most convincing iteration of its central idea. Toss in some squelching synths, and it’s safe to say that this one’s a winner. “Carnavalito Infernal” is a hilarious romp down a bumpy road of oddball guitar sounds and bent circuits. This track is the perfect illustration of what’s so good about Los Pirañas; they’ve got a cockeyed approach to every angle of their sound, but the end result is always something propulsively danceable. Some of the most moving and thrilling sections of this song are constructed out of cowbells, watery synthesizers, and impossibly high electric bass riffs, and that’s impressive.