Blog March 20, 2015
"How I": New EP From Mo Kolours
One of the more interesting musicians currently working in the space between local traditions and international electronic styles, Mo Kolours is a producer who mixes hip-hop, soul, funk and house with sega music from the island nation of Mauritius. Born in the U.K. to a Mauritian father and an English mother, in interviews, he has described his music as a product both of his family background and of the diversity of his current London home. How I is more polished and cleaner than Mo Kolours' self-titled debut album, which came out last year. The soulful vocals that defined much of the first album show up as soothingly repetitive loops, and though the tracks still play with a wide variety of percussion textures, the beats here are sharper and more precise. It's an intriguing set that rewards repeat listening, and definitely has us curious about Mo's next album, which is due later this year. The whole thing is available for streaming on Soundcloud--enjoy!