Blog November 18, 2011
Interview and Bonus Podcast: Classical Music in Cairo
We just did a great interview with UC Santa Barbara Professor of Music Scott Marcus about the state of Egypt's classical music scene. You can read that here. Be sure to listen to our web exclusive below which our producer Banning Eyre explores violin and oud work by some of Egypt's foremost classical artists.
"There was a sense at this time that Cairo was becoming one of the great cities of Europe. There was a Parisian type architecture, and there are these traffic circles that look like Paris. Men started wearing European dress, and there was this whole push to celebrate a new sense that Cairo was progressing to such a wondrous state that it was now one of the great cities in Europe.  And there are people over the past hundred and some years, Egyptians, who actually said, 'Oh, yes, we are Europeans.'"- Scott Marcus