Blog June 5, 2013
Spotlight- JSB002 by Jumping Back Slash
Jumping Back Slash has recently released a 3-track entitled JBS002. The EP features a new set of beats and synths from the Cape Town producer, resulting in another set of seductively dark dance jams. JBS002 is clearly influenced by- if not strictly characterizable as- kwaito, a variant of house music that arose in South Africa in the 1990s and has since received significant international attention. The tracks here showcase many of the genre's most recognizable features, including a shuffling take on the traditional house beat, rhythmically chanted vocals, and an all enveloping keyboard back-drop. The music is driven by gradual shifts in beats and chords, seamlessly transitioning from one section to another and back again. For those looking for an introduction to the kwaito genre, this EP is a great place to start. The tracks are fun and easy to listen to, and you'll certainly find your head bobbing. While it isn't as raw or challenging as some of the electronic music coming out of South Africa (see DJ Spoko for instance)  JBS002's relative simplicity is what makes it so excellent. If you're down to chill out and listen to some groove-heavy tunes (and really, who isn't?) definitely give this EP a chance. Check it out here!