Blog May 17, 2013
Join the Afropop Street Team!
Given all the obvious reasons that you SHOULD join the Afropop street team and help us out at awesome concerts and events all over the city this summer, listening to great music for free while hanging out with your favorite public radio crew, we figured it would be more productive for us to point out the reasons that you SHOULDN'T. 1- You hate music. 2- You hate fun. 3- You don't trust this thing all the kids are calling "Summer." 4- You don't live in New York (we can actually make an exception for this one, but that IS where we are based.) 5- You REALLY don't like being guaranteed to get into shows. 6- You hate music. Don't see yourself on that list? Then shoot an email to and sign up. PLUS- you never know. There might be some Afro-swag in it for you.