Blog July 13, 2016
Jollof Wars: Sister Deborah Fires Shots at Nigerian Jollof Rice in New Video
A deeply contentious question that has raged throughout the world, inciting passionate debate and heated arguments: which West African country boasts the best jollof rice? Under the hashtag #jollofwars, Ghanaians and Nigerians have taken to social media over the past two years to both praise their respective style of jollof rice and diss the other’s. With the release of her newest music video, “Ghana Jollof,” Sister Deborah has rekindled the flames of this debate, arguing humorously that Nigerian jollof “taste funny” and that her Ghanaian jollof “brings all the boys to the yard.” Watch “Ghana Jollof” below. Is Sister Deborah’s video the beginnings of a jollof rap feud between Ghana and Nigeria? We look forward to any developments. In the meantime, the Jollof Wars will hit the streets of New York this Aug. 13 at the New York City African Food Festival with a jollof contest between Cameroonian, Ghanaian, Liberian, Nigerian, Senegalese and Sierra Leonian styles of jollof. The winner of the contest will receive $1,000 and lifetime’s worth of bragging rights.