Blog October 21, 2013
Kids Help Kids at Carnegie Hall
On November 3, kids will take over Carnegie Hall.  Kids Helping Kids, an after-school program using hip hop to empower youth, promote community service and global exchange, will open a performance celebrating hip-hop’s African roots and honoring DJ Kool Herc.  Kool Herc is regarded as the father of hip-hop, who spun the hot tracks and break-beats that inspired emcees and b-boys at parties in the South Bronx, eventually developing into the ubiquitous phenomenon we know today. Famous for using hip hop “as a way to reach the kids,” his message comes full circle with this program's participants reaching out to kids and adults across the world through the music he helped create. Home-grown favorites, Brown Rice Family, will also get in on the festivities with their fusion of jazz, afrobeat, reggae, Latin rhythms and homemade natural soap. Rounding out the evening are Zing Experience and special Guests Rakim and ASTRO KID.  Get ready for an uplifting evening.  This line-up will surely give Carnegie Hall great performance.