Blog May 17, 2016
Kinté, Le Prince Héritier, Releases New Video: "Djoussou Souma"
"Djoussou Souma" is a song from Kinté, Le Prince Héritier's EP called Ascension : Le Chemin Vers Mes Racines (translated as Ascension: The Path Towards My Roots). "Djoussou Souma" is about having faith and taking actions according to that. The video features Kinté waking up, envisioning his dreams, then being told by his uncle to take a machete and to go work at the fields. Kinté later comes back, takes his bag and leaves, while not knowing where to go. The scenario symbolizes the fact of losing yourself in order to hopefully find yourself. "Djoussou Souma" means: "stay strong and be patient" in Bambara. Kinté starts the song by saying "well, what can happen to me if I've got faith?" The song is a call to action, encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone, to stand up and fight for what you believe in, not to wait for the government but to put your destiny in your own hands. "Djoussou Souma" is aimed at inspiring a new generation of African kids who need to know that they will have to be strong to achieve their goals. The song is performed in French but Kinté, makes it possible for all English speakers to understand by including English subtitles at every chorus. The video was filmed in Ivory Coast by Ibrahim Keita at Toupah, Dabou and by Miicem Olivera at Tiassalé, and edited by Kinté himself. [embed][/embed]