Blog August 16, 2012
Kuduro's Effeminate Flair with Edy Sex
Our longtime producer Ned Sublette sent us a link yesterday to a music video out Angola that he saw the other day in Luanda. The video comes via a kuduro artist by the name of Edy Sex and features super catchy and club-ready brand of hard-hitting kuduro with an effeminate flair. This isn’t particularly unusual for kuduro. One of it’s biggest superstars is a transsexual singer named Titica (read more about her via Africa is a Country). That being said, we don’t know too much about Edy Sex and don’t want to jump to conclusions. A Google search yields very little results and Edy's Facebook page, which was created just a few months ago, has only 139 likes and virtually no information. Still, we are super intrigued by the popularity that artists with the overt sexuality of Edy (and Titica) can reach in the face of major LGBTQ rights issues in Angola and across Africa for that matter. Until we find out more info, peep the visuals for Edy Sex’s song “Tchuna Baby.” It's been on repeat non-stop since it landed in our in-boxes yesterday. And let us know if you have any more info about Edy Sex!