Blog June 29, 2012
La Gallera Social Club: A Psychedelic Venezuelan Gem
Tropical Bass dropped some remezclas (remixes) of La Gallera Social Club's EP-Ecos del Tercero Mundo Vol. 1. We dug what we heard, so we traced the Venezuelan, gallera-flavored (gallera=cock, like rooster) sound to its source. La Gallera Social Club says they're trying to paint a colorful picture of the diversity and joy of Venezuelan life. Visually, they imagine the social townsquares, the coral-painted houses, and the natural beauty depicted across the land. They are inspired by the melody in the sonorous Venezuelan speech and the rhythm of the music in relationship to the movement of bodies. They channel the spontaneity of expressions and relationships celebrated by the innocence of Creole life. The psychedelic trip that is Miguel Romero, Alexis Romero, and Carlos Guillén's EP dips into ska and cumbia. It reminds me a bit of Manu Chao, but cooler. They incorporate sound from the town -- singing, clapping... chirping, radio announcement, sirens -- and expand on their already eclectic sound with samples of didgeridoo, accordion, saxophone  and even some electro, dubby beats. But no matter what style they're exploring, they take the edge off it all. Head-bobbing beats, Spanish guitar, and smooth, harmonized vocals draw its listeners to the beach for a Cuba Libre and summer breeze. 'La Gallera' is the country, the happiness, the fun, the place where the roosters don't come to fight, but rather to sing and to dance, recovering the cadence of the melodic roots, those typically Venezuelan, and playing their own instruments to show the greatness of its soul." (translated into English) check out their site and soundcloud here.