Blog December 11, 2012
La Gallera Social Club releases "Ecos del tercer Mundo Vol. 2"
Ecos del tercer Mundo Vol. 1, the first release by La Gallera Social Club, a group of young musicians creating a thrillingly dreamy hybrid of Venezuelan roots, modern electronics, and laid-back indy coo, was easily one of the best things we heard in 2012. Which means that we were thrilled when their newest release bubbled across our SoundCloud feed. Happily, Ecos del tercer Mundo Vol. 2 proves itself to be a close relative to its predecessor, once again showcasing the band's ability to bridge the (increasingly permeable) digital-folk divide, crafting music that borrows nearly equally from both sides of the spectrum. However, where much of Ecos del tercer Mundo Vol.1 clearly bore the compositional stamp of the computers used to create it, Vol. 2. reveals a group that has shifted sharply towards the organic end of the spectrum. While the grooves are still aimed squarely at the modern dance floor, this time around, it seems like they're being played on instruments that are, if not acoustic, then at least primarily analog. While this does mean that record loses some of the hypnotically looping quality that defined its predecessor, that is more then made up for by the increased musical subtlety and precision that the band displays throughout. Thrillingly intricate hand-drumming is everywhere, a swirling, ubiquitous presence in the mix. The group's singing has taken on a similar destabilized approach, emerging from all sorts of unlikely corners bathed in echo and stacked into oddly constructed choruses. Riding the intricately woven brassy grooves of a track like the standout Mister Mister, the effect is intoxicatingly strange, a trippy ride through unhinged space. While not as thrillingly new as the first release, Vol. 2. clearly shows a quickly band developing an invigorating and unique signature sound. We cannot wait to hear where they take us to next. Listen to the music!