Blog June 20, 2012
La Tabaquera Mixtape Series: History through Music
For a while now we’ve been keeping a close eye and ear on the La Tabaqueria mixtape series an thought it was about time to give them some "blog love." Made up of composers and multi-instrumentalist Alessandra Leão and caçapa out of Recife in Brazil, the two have been putting together series of mixes based around countries and styles of music to give the listener a brief foundational and historical lesson through music. As it stands now, the series is 12 parts deep and has covered Peru, Angola, Congolese music, Dominican Republic and most recently Trinidad & Tobago. Most of the tunes covered are of the more traditional or “classic” styles from the country covered. Lastly, we are super stoked that they cite every song, artist and album that they took the music from. In other words, not only are the mixes excellent but they do what they can do showcase the artist featured so we can all go find more of this great music. Check out all 12 of their mixes via their Soundcloud. Below you can get a taste of what they are doing via their latest mix for Trinidad & Tobago. Mixtape La Tabaquera 12: Trinidad & Tobago! by La Tabaquera

Mixtape La Tabaquera 08: Angola! by La Tabaquera