Blog March 29, 2012
Lamin Fofana - Unknown Journey II
On this week’s program, 'Crate-Diggers and Remixers', you can hear a couple of DJs – Chief Boima and Geko Jones – talk about remixing obscure styles and records from Africa and Latin America. Both those guys also are a part of the Dutty Artz crew which is a loose collective of DJs and label that puts on a events in NYC including the always bumping "Dutty Artz Sweat Lodge" every second Friday at The Cove. Today another Dutty Artz associate, Lamin Fofana, dropped a remix featuring Aminata Diabate along with Detroit-based techno produce Drexiciya (See our program on Detroit Techno here) that fits right in with this week’s program. With rumbling percussion and hissing synths, the tracks lays down a staggering beat over Diabate’s intense and hypnotic wails. Not enough producers out there doing stuff like this. Maybe that’s a good thing. Keeps the quality at a high-level and the style unsaturated.