Blog July 1, 2015
Los Wembler's: Peruvian Sonido Amazonico at Pioneer Works
Since the mid-2000s, Barbes Records has done a great job sharing the joy that is Peruvian chicha music with the world. The Roots of Chicha compilations dug into the history of this Amazonian dance music that fuses Afro-Cuban percussion, local melodies and rhythms with Colombian cumbia, electric guitars and organs. Los Wembler's were one of the groups (along with bands such as Los Destellos, Juaneco y su Combo and Los Mirlos) who created and popularized this sound in the 1970s. Los Wembler's are five brothers Sanchez, the sons of the founder, who hail from the isolated town of Iquitos, Peru. They've kept their special blend of chicha alive, and this Thurs., July 9, they will be performing in Brooklyn, NYC, at Pioneer Works with DJ Sabroso, an expert chicha collector from Lima, and Roots of Chicha producer DJ K Conan. This concert is not to be missed! Check out Los Wembler's performing live in Iquitos in 2010:

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