Blog July 15, 2014
Major Lazer's Walshy Fire Presents Mixtape From Jesse Royal
Major Lazer has long since expanded beyond its initial incarnation as an electro-daggering juggernaut, growing into a dependable conduit for a slow but steady stream of up-and-coming reggae musicians. "Royally Speaking," the new mix from the group's Walshy Fire, doesn't break this trend. Featuring singer Jesse Royal, the tape is an hour of gently dubbed-out summer fodder, filled with retro beats that run the gamut from '90s style hip-hop to the kind of reconstructed roots that stars like Chronixx have been riding lately. While the results never quite capture the pop savvy of hits like "Smile Jamaica," they do reveal Royal as a flexible singer and a talented rapper, able to carry the listener's interest for an extended period of time. Mixes like this are by definition looser than singles, so we are definitely interested to hear what he can do with a bit more focus. Check it out!