Blog September 2, 2014
MC R1: New Tracks from Funk Na Caixa

MC R1, who is both a producer and MC, is perhaps best known for his work with MC Maromba on the baile banger, “BumBum.” His new release of three tracks features a dynamic blend of rasterinha and other baile funk styles, with a dash of smooth electric guitar chords and trumpets. The tracks are the latest from Funk Na Caixa, a record label that's made it a mission to promote the best new baile. Earlier this year, the label’s owner Renato M2 made us an exclusive mix and we interviewed him for our program, “Party and Dissent: World Cup Brazil 2014.”

On these three tracks, spanning nine minutes, MC R1 gets the party started with fire vocals and beats. In “Tremo Pro Pai,” R1 shouts “Pai!” to the rhythm as though he can’t take it anymore--the beat is just too hot to handle. His tough flow moves easily along the beat, and, as a whole, the song evokes images of sweaty dancers overwhelmed by the ferocity of the track. It goes hard.

MC R1 follows his club banger with “Desliza,” a song that starts as a sharp, trumpet-filled extravaganza with more mellow vocal flows. This is contrasted with a back and forth to a higher, more urgent BPM and hard-hitting baile funk underscores. In the final track of the release, "Treme A Bunda," R1 opens with a version of the original “Bam Bam” riddim, accompanied by a smooth guitar background. Of the three, this track moves most fluidly from rasterinha to more traditional baile funk rhythm, consistently flowing between the two. The sound creates a feel-good, get-down kinda beat.

You can download all three tracks here. And in addition to MC R1’s set, Funk Na Caixa has also put out excellent new releases from DJ Isadora and Carlos Nunez. As always, we’re excited to see what funk Renato has for us in the future!