Blog September 11, 2013
Mediopicky drop "Megutatetu (Uanztana)" Ft. Acentoh & Sosa Mas Nada
This song? One of those sit up and take notice moments. From the trap-mutated dancehall bass that shudders through the opening to the marching band snare meets punk rock chord progressions that smear their way through the center of the song, the latest track from the Dominican bass troublemaker Mediopicky is a joyous breath of fresh air, an inventive banger from start to finish. Comprised of shifting rhythmic structures around an ultra-distorted low end burn, Megutatetu manages to produce a consistent sense of surprise while remaining intelligible enough for a dancer to follow the all important drops (and yes- this was office tested). While we haven't followed him closely prior to this hearing "Megutatetu," according to the Latino Resiste blog/web-label (which is also releasing a full EP from Mediopicky on Sept. 27th), he is part of a rising generation of bass producers coming out of the Dominican Republic, mixing current transnational dance sounds with a uniquely Dominican approach. Based on this track, we are definitely looking forward to the full thing. Check it out! [soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]